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08 March, 2014

Reductio ad Absurdum

Again, take the nervous child.  It has wild dreams, twitching, restless sleep, nervous excitement, hysterical manifestations, but if we examine all the organs of the body we will find nothing the matter with them.

This sickness, however, which is present, if allowed to go on uncured, will in twenty or
thirty years result in tissue change ; the organs will become affected and then it will be
said that the body is diseased ; but the individual has been sick from the beginning.  It is a question whether we will start out and consider the results of disease or begin at the
beginning with the causes.

If we have material ideas of disease we will have material ideas of the means of cure.  If we believe an organ is sick and alone constitutes the disease, we must feel that if we could remove the organ we would cure the patient.

A man has a necrotic condition of the hand ; then if we believe that only the hand is sick
we would think we had cured the patient by removing his hand.

Say the hand is cancerous.  According to this idea it is cancerous in itself and from itself, and seeing he would later die from the cancer of his hand we would conscientiously remove the hand and so cure the patient.

For an eruption on the skin we would use local means to stimulate the functions of the
skin and make it heal, and believing the eruption had no cause behind it we would
conscientiously think we had cured the patient. But this is the reductio ad absurdum, for nothing exists without a cause.  The organs are not the man.

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