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21 March, 2014

Obesity - Low Carb High Fat Diet

One of the greatest and most underrated methods of losing weight is by using a Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) diet.  It turns out that when we eat carbohydrates which includes breads, pasta, potatoes, sugar, vegetables and all the other foods that we are told daily are good for us it actually teaches our bodies to burn sugar in stead of body fat.  Unfortunately, when we eat carbohydrates the body must use insulin in order to metabolize the carbs.  The excess is stored as body fat.  Guess what is the number one fat storage hormone?  Insulin.

Could this be why obesity has reached epic proportions and insulin resistance has exploded through the roof?  When you eat carbohydrates the liver and the pancreas secret insulin.  Insulin is a hormone that controls how carbohydrates such as sugar is used by the cells of the body.  If for any reason the cell membrane has become dysfunctional or unable to receive the insulin sugar will be left in the blood system where it will damage tissue.  The body uses any means necessary to preserve life and produces more insulin in an attempt to metabolize the excessive sugar.  More insulin is produced more carbohydrates are stored as body and the cycle is repeated.

After a while the person becomes insulin resistant, meaning the body stops responding to insulin.  More sugar floats in the blood only producing more insulin.  The conventional medical method of dealing with this "metabolic syndrome" is to give the patient...insulin.  But insulin is also a growth and storage hormone.  The cycle is accelerated as the physician attempts to save your life my reducing sugar in the blood system.  This approach shortens lives, leads to obesity, cancer and many other diseases all in the name of trying to save your life.

When the body has what it perceives to be an excess of carbohydrates (sugar) the body secrets insulin instructing the body to store the excess energy as body fat.  In other words when insulin is present a portion of the carbohydrate intake goes directly to fat leaving the person still hungry for nutrition.  Over time the person consumes more and more carbohydrates producing more and more insulin.  getting bigger and bigger.  Insulin also leads to hunger therefore more eating which causes more insulin leading to more storage as body fat.

This method is used to fatten animals before slaughter.  During the growth phase animals are fed protein, vitamins and minerals.  Prior to slaughter they are fattened up by feeding them carbohydrates especially grains.  There is however one food that does not cause insulin to increase, fat.  By eating fat the body is instructed to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar.  As a result the person becomes thinner.  Insulin resistance is mitigated.  Heart disease is reversed.  Muscles become lean.

It turns out that everything we have been told on a daily basis about healthy eating is false.  Low fat diets, cholesterol reducing diets, low salt diets and staying out of the Sun are examples of misleading health information.  Exercising to lose weight and that obesity is genetic are other examples of misleading information.  You need fat in your diet.  You need cholesterol in your diet.  You need salt in your diet.  You need Sun in your life to be healthy.

What is the cause of obesity?  The cause of obesity has its roots in a lack of vitamins and minerals.  The lack of vitamins and minerals in foods leads to deficiencies.  The brain compels the person to consume more foods in an attempt to obtain the necessary nutrition.  Sadly for us most of the foods being offered are devoid of nutrition because they are processed and full of anti-life additives which may be good for sales but are bad for health.  And most so called foods are full of carbohydrates further causing us to eat more in a never ending search for nutrition.

The conventional medical model refuses to acknowledge the role that nutrition plays in health.  Instead, at the end of every diagnosis is drug therapy or surgery.  We on the other hand have a holistic approach to health which sees the body not as a collection of parts but as one divinely created organism with all systems being interconnected.

Watch the ads on TV, the Internet and in newspapers.  Are they offering protein and fats which build the body and reduces body fat or are they offering carbohydrates like breads, pasta, rice, potatoes, cookies and snacks that are carbohydrate based?  And when you do decide to eat healthy are those foods being suggested proteins and fats or carbohydrates (vegetables are carbohydrates as well) and sugar?  Do you see promotions saying low fat, low salt, low cholesterol?  Or do they acknowledge the interconnectedness of the body and the importance of fats and proteins in the diet.

If you were a food manufacturer and wanted to make people consume more of your products you would offer carbohydrates which can easily be manufactured.  You would use sugar to make your nutritionless foods seem more desirable.  This is what has happened and the mythical healthy way to eat only sends the unsuspecting consumer back to fast food restaurant, lunch buffets or grocery stores in search of nutrition that is not there.

Our recommendation is that we should be eating a LCHF diet (ketogenic diet) consisting of approximately 75% fat, 15% protein and 10% carbohydrates.  The results are spectacular using this strategy.  The typical Western diet at this time is made up of 35% fat, 15%protein, and 50% carbohydrates.  We see what that strategy has done for us; more obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Here is what the famous Mayo Clinic has to say about the benefits of carbohydrates in the diet:

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